About Us

IqraPakOnline is a blog created by four young and ambitious students who have taken it upon themselves to try and shine some light onto one of Pakistan’s major social problems – It’s Education Sector’s condition and the condition of Pakistanis, because of it. By posting our veiws on problems like corruption, politics, power struggles, economic uncertainties and even terrorism, we hope to create awareness, spark debates and solve issues for our nation’s and people’s futures.

The Blog members include:

Ahmed Arslan Khan http://twitter.com/ahmedarslankhan

Hassan Cheema

Muhammad Hashim Raza

Saad Riaz


5 Responses to About Us

  1. naeema says:

    up date the profile write each membr’s name

  2. Tauqir Mirza says:

    Where I can access recent education policy of pakistan

  3. We are a national NGO based in Pakistan working on Quality Education and Re-Education for out of school children and youth in remote and neglected areas.

    We are interested in your membership. Please facilitate further.

    Mohammad Shoukat
    Program Director
    Teach for Pakistan
    First Floor- Silk Plaza- Abbottabad Pakistan

  4. sadiq aryan says:

    How can i update my blogs on this page

  5. ambreen says:

    How can we discuss any matter with ministry of education. Do they give any response or reply of our mails or not?

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