“Violence against women”. Are women’s rights and the Feminist movement justified? The truth revealed

January 6, 2011

‘Personally, blogging this article on this sort of topic goes against my principles because it’s all feministic ****… I meant to say this topic is pro feminist. But seeing as this had IMPACT, I thought, eh what the heck.’ –

M. Hashim Raza (and every other reasonable man :D)

Now the urban myth is that males are, as a majority, responsible for all the domestic violence that goes on everywhere, and specific mention must be given to females who are portrayed as the fallen victims to this emotional drama. Then there are the COUNTLESS number of reports/studies that confirm that males dominate and batter their spouses to death or at the least emotionally scar them. Finally we have an unlimited supply of heart wrenching stories of women resorting to depression, mental breakdowns or even suicides. Well so what?! What’s the big deal?! Sure I can accept the fact that males are aggressive. I also admit that males resort to physical or emotional violence to get their way and yes, there are a number of cases where men do occasionally become just a bit excessive and resort to somewhat life threatening extremes, but I don’t think that they’re to blame. You don’t believe me? Let me prove to you why…

 (It may not look like it, but I have experience with you lot…I mean women! I know how much whining they can do. Just to prove a point I abandoned a girl on our first date. I became famous…an article was published about me. Ok I paid for that…But still…I’m famous. I’m not a hypocrite.)

First off let’s mention the types of violence that take place in our society. There’s the emotional violence, a form of violence that utilizes low degree blackmail to high tech combination moves of screaming, abuse and other forms of mental torture. The other type is physical violence that needless to say uses interesting techniques and combinations of both torture and battering.

Now I’ve already accepted the fact that domestic violence is a problem, but as to the cause, I believe that women and children have 80% of the blame (Well only women). The thing with all males is that they like things to go in a certain flow. Like for example, no male would ever compromise on his own personal space. That means, ‘please refrain from any unnecessary contact with me.’ This SIMPLE rule is compromised every time a female or ‘spouse’ gets involved. This is especially so in marriages where wives can’t leave their husbands alone. I mean they’d irritate you, annoy you and give you no space… ‘Leave me the HELL alone WOMAN!’ And hey, this isn’t my complaint; it’s a universal guy thing. And if you’re a guy and you disagree, then there’s something wrong with you.  So what I’m trying to say is a major cause for domestic violence is that women and children can’t respect a man’s personal space.

Another interesting fact about domestic violence is that men are ‘scientifically proven’ to be rational thinkers as compared to women who are ‘emotional’ (Emotionally Disorientated is more like it). On these facts alone it is safe to say that on the many occasions involving domestic violence amongst spouses, it’s the woman who is wrong because she does not possess the mental aptitude (this means she’s stupid) to figure out WHY she’s being beaten (maybe she likes it…hint hint); whereas the male must have thought about it like a rational person (ok not really, but that’s not the point), exhausting ALL options before arriving to that point. In short women are too stupid/simple-minded (and short) to figure out what’s good for them. Men should make their decisions for them. This argument connects with my earlier statement in paragraph 4. Simply put, if women just do as they’re told, domestic violence should finish or at the least shrink (by 1% at least…given this country…that is a reasonable figure to begin with)

Now, let’s add up on this debate. I’m sure everyone knows the famous phrase: “Give ‘em an inch and they’ll take a mile”. What this means (if you’re too busy pretending to know what it means) is that women like to take everything for granted; exaggerate, splurge and pretty much exploit men for everything they’re worth. Then when things get bad, they start acting like the victims. For example, let’s suppose a woman from a really conservative family finally convinces the ‘alpha male’ to let her ‘go out’ and ‘socialize’ with her friends who are already doing so (As if that’s all they do). At first she starts going out with her friends for things like shopping or weddings (I wish). Soon enough, her mind is bombarded by viruses called ‘consumerism’ and ‘fashion’. Add that with how stupid women can be and you’ve got yourself a recipe for disaster. Next, our target female starts spending money like there’s no tomorrow. You’d want to think the items women buy are useful. Guess again buddy. Studies show, (Market analysis boys n girls) that they’ll stock up on clothes, shoes, cosmetics and a whole bunch of junk thinking it’ll make them look pretty or glamorous (It’s a lie). The next stage would be our target trying to publicize her looks by grabbing as many stares from other people (especially guys) through skimpy dressing, make-up etc… Do you get where I’m coming from? And then women complain about why they’re beaten.

And seeing as we’re on the issue, why is it that when a woman has a guy; (husband, boy-friend etc) she tries to explore ‘other opportunities’ at the same time? What sort of pleasure does one gain from wearing clothes that are 2 sizes smaller, make-up that completely changes the way you look, and perfumes that’d make people nearby think a raccoon died nearby. It’s NOT funny! (Plus it ain’t getting any guys either). This is another line of reasoning that every healthy reasonable man sees and judges upon. I say a good beating is in order here. (Personally, if it happened to me, I’d kill somebody.)

Now don’t be offended by all of this because I know for a fact that you women don’t want to argue any more than I do on this issue. You choose to get into marriages and you know what’s in store for you. We men hold true to our nature. So when women sign the marriage contract, they actually do know what they’re are getting into and quite frankly they don’t whine at that time. They’re actually excited, busy showing off the fact that they’re in a wedding dress and getting married (Fashion – Paragraph 5). But conveniently they turn to whining later on. So don’t do men a favor and get married to them if you have the good fortune of doing so…. (You didn’t have a problem since the dawn of man. God knows what sort of AIDs type virus has infected you that you’ve started complaining over nothing now.) So you can either live by our age old traditions of a male dominated society or suffer.

Thus, I believe that in our society, in fact every society (especially those cave men types), domestic violence can come to an end if women just compromise their ability to make decisions and live free lives (as slaves) and in return men can and will try to compromise on beating them up in favor of more peaceful approaches (torture’s a good alternative).


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January 6, 2011

The name kinda gies away the whole thing, but for the many who actually cared enough to respond (Very few), I have decided to get things moving again! And to commemorate this new year – 2011, we might as well aim for a new theme. And guess what!? I’ve already decided our new theme! It will be (Drums Rolling)…


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