Lahore Private Hostels: A threat!

Sources in the Police Department said that private hostels do not take necessary measures before renting out their rooms. The rules and regulations of most hostels of the city are extremely lenient, allowing anyone to rent a room without having to show identification or other documents. Sources said the department does not have any data about these hostels.
In most hostels, there is an acute shortage of administrative and maintenance staff. However, in hostels where administrative officials are hired, the owners only question the staff about the monthly rent. It has been oberved that private employees are running the hostels’ affairs and they do not focus on Standard Operation Procedure, as they are not professional administrators.
After the recent attacks on Sri Lankan Team in Liberty, Police is very vigilent concerning keeping the record of private hostels, since it has been investigated that one or few of the terrorists were residing in Al-Noor Hostel situated in Firdus Market.


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