Foreign universities set up plan finally abandoned.

Plan to set up foreign varsities shelved
This plan had started from a view to provide quality education in pakistan as our door step as Pakistani parents spend about Rs 80 billion annually to send their children abroad to obtain quality higher education. Thus over 11,000 visas were granted last year by the British High Commission for students to study in British Universities. This program would not only have saved much of this huge drain on our foreign exchange but also attracted many students to Pakistan from the Middle East, as they would have been able to get degrees from top foreign universities without ever going abroad.

It is a great pity that this program of huge national significance has been abandoned as The establishment of Engineering, Science & Technology Universities in Pakistan (UESTP’s) brought enormous criticism to the former chairman of Higher Education Commission, Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman for envisaging this programme without understanding the various aspects of the programme.

Projects of the establishment of 4 world-class universities in partnership with consortia of top universities in Germany, Italy, Austria and China were approved by ECNEC in February 2008 at a cost of about Rs. 160 billion includes Pak-China, Pak-German, Pak-Austria and Pak-Italian Universities in accordance with the phasing approved by ECNEC


4 Responses to Foreign universities set up plan finally abandoned.

  1. Jawad says:

    Yes this is a huge loss i think we have faced as the foriegn universities abandoned. we could have a availed an opportunity to have an outclass education just like the standard of forign universities

  2. Syed Hassan Talal says:

    Now thats a tragic loss to the hardworking and potential students who are unable to cater the expenses of foreign studies. By working out well on this plan, Pakistan not would’ve sav’d millions of dollars as well it can generate millions of dollars as well. Moreover, a certain standard of universities would be set providing quality education and graduates from institutes.
    This opportunity would’ve also generated excellent teachers which would going to be beneficial for our own nation.
    Thats a tragic loss to this nation. U can say tht now our country has another setback of 15-20 years in terms of education.

  3. rehman saleem says:

    well in so called democracy it is happening. everything has positive and negative aspect.. this might have that it need heavy cash flow and so commitment from the high officials of govt. but this product could simply change the destiny of our country. where we are rite now? what we are. are we good of wht we were in past? is it progress.. lets talk about the statistics. where pakistanis uni. in 2009 only uet lahore is at 350 position and nust and other are in 400-500 rank. this is aftr years i guess when uet is at 350. if 4 world class uni were here is it good or bad? its universal truth if peaple get education and power they will cause govt to improve everything so basis thing is to make policies to stop people getting education and power.. after that if there are 11000 visa a year for instance than who is going there? they are rich people.. poor cant even afford study in pakistani universities. pakistan hec got no funds. we can finance a parliment of hundred of mother f*ckers but cant finance out HEc and scholorship. so no more studdents can go abroad for study and even in paki uni fees are now doubled. hundreds of lines can b written on the bargeriti of our official no doubt but i dnt knw wht gonna happen.. im hope less

  4. Atif says:

    Dear Mates! AoA
    it is really a great loss. in our country whenever someone tried to make any establishment for the betterment of the country few issue been created to stop that. 1st of all this is a loos for all that foreign exchange parents r spending a huge amount in pounds. our country is a developing country and facing different problems and foreign exchange is one of the major needs of a developing is one of the reason of the reason our currency value is going down and our stock markets r in loss. investors are scared to come in our country. and our own president and other politicians are saving their money in foreign banks the money which belongs to our nation only if they bring back their money things will be change in pakistan there will be money to invest more opportunities will be available for young guys but they r taking whatever left.

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