dailytimes-cartoon-pakistan3Education is the right of every individual.

We created this blog with the purpose of enlightening readers with Pakistan’s current education system. With illiteracy levels highest of above 60% and an HDI of 0.47, Pakistan’s social indicators tell a story of ignorance, poverty and desperation.

That said, we hope this website can shine some light on the major issues that plague pakistan’s education sector.


3 Responses to Introduction

  1. Education in Pakistan is in a very poor condition. The leaders don’t have education in any priority. Quality education needs a vision that the leadership carries for a nation and that is lacking here. So it needs a revolution first, then we can expect education to be put on the right track in Pakistan.

    Irfan Ullah Khan
    HoD (Accountancy)
    Institute of Professional Studies

  2. palwasha says:

    education level is worst here this is yhe main reason of our downfall

  3. Sabir Khanam says:

    And how you will literate remaining 40-50% people by this blog? Well I am ready to contribute in this cause.

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